About Shubhneet

Shubhneet Goel is a technology geek with over 15 years of experience in IT Industry. Having started early into his professional career. He got encouragement from his mother & father to switch from job to start his business in 2010. He has successfully completed over 500 projects in past 5 years.

Shubhneet has prominent interest in the field of information security and has founded h4ck3r community that has actively helped national agencies to deal with information security. He is very active in IT start-up communities including NITEE, Barcamp, Headstart. He has very actively worked with National Security Agencies on the cases of Information Security.

Shubhneet strongly believes in karma and his funda in life is to do something good to someone before going to bed as our life is not meant to benefit oneself only.

These are my thoughts on this subject and I try to implement them in my personal life to an extent that makes me comfortable and I keep moulding or enhancing my activities with my personal growth along with circumstances for instance I prefer vegetarian food and strongly object non-vegetarian food for mere satisfying taste buds but that does not mean that I would not eat non-vegetarian food if it is a question of survival.